Some Random Christmas Stuff, 2009 Edition

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone! I don’t feel like winding a neat, easy to read tale of Christmas delight today. I’m just going to give you a list!

My sister drove up a day early and completely surprised Mom, who was really surprised and excited. Jeff arrived just before the Christmas Eve service yesterday. It’s fun to have everyone together once a year!

The Christmas Eve service was wonderful last night. There were so many people who worked behind the scenes to make it a beautiful service. There’s something about the music, the readings, the candelight and the wonderful friends and family gathered for worship that always makes for a beautiful celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Jonas received a laptop for Christmas. It’s one of those netbooks. I’m attempting to set it up for him right now (while he’s celebrating Christmas with his family at his mother’s house). I’m downloading Firefox, iTunes, and AVG, setting up his security settings, and working on a plan to keep him from clicking “YES! Download that virus and spyware to my compter!” on pop ups that promise new cell phones, etc (yes, firefox will help with that) and making sure that he’s blocked from things we don’t want him to see or do online. Let’s hope Jonas doesn’t have the same computer trouble that seems to plague his father.

We’re watching “A Christmas Story.” Jason loves that movie. I love it, too, but it kind of gets old every Christmas on the 24 hour loop.

All of my loved ones apparently want to make sure I have plenty of television to watch when I’m sitting for a week or more with my surgically repaired achilles tendon next month. I received a LOT of television shows on DVD. So, I’ll be catching up on my “LOST,” “Glee (ordered, not here yet),” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds” (which I’ve never seen an episode of, but Carly loves–so she gave it to me) and the entire series of “Six Feet Under.” That’s a lot of hours of television. In contrast, Jason gave me a watch with a heart monitor and a pedometer.

Whitney left for Florida last night after church. Vallerie is leaving for Crown Point on Sunday. Both will be gone for more than a week. That seems like a long time. 🙁

We have one Christmas celebration left. At 3:00, we’ll go to the big family Christmas party at Jason’s mom’s house. It will be crazy, chaotic fun! We pick Jonas up right before that, so we’ll all be back together again.

I’ve picked up a silly little head cold somewhere. I’ve fought it off as long as I could–mostly I wanted to make it through worship last night, and I mostly did.

In the course of typing this post, Jason started watching a Christmas movie with Dolly Parton. Not sure what it is…It’s on the Hallmark channel. This is apparently the only time of year that’s it’s okay for husbands to watch Lifetime and Hallmark. There are a lot of sweet, sappy holiday movies on both of those channels.

I’ll do a picture post, next!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thanks for the snapshot of your Christmas. Both in words and pictures. 🙂 It sounds like you have a had some great family time. I hope to talk to you when I get home and maybe we'll both have a real chance to talk without rushing or being too distracted. Talk to you soon!