Some Things We’re Definitely Going To Do While We’re Here

October 30, 2009

Some things V and I are going to do while we’re at the YS convention:

  • Figure out the television. V pushed a button last night and it went all crazy. Fancy hotel tvs…
  • Tomorrow is Halloween. I’m guessing the crazies come out at the YS convention. Our goal tomorrow is to take as many pictures with people in costumes as possible.
  • Drink all the pepsi so we don’t have to carry it back to the car. I put Vallerie in charge of this.
  • We forgot to bring candy for trick or treaters (well, that’s kind of a lie…we did bring 10 peanut butter cups, but we’re not sharing those), so we’re thinking we can give away the hotel amenities–soap, shampoo, iron…
  • Steal the pillows. It’s like baby angels sewed them together–that’s how soft and wonderful they are.
  • Take advantage of the late night options. 10:00 here is only 9:00 at home so we won’t feel old and tired! Awesome!
  • Try to use all the hot water. Yes, with 22 floors in this hotel, this could be a challenge, but I think we’re going to try.
  • Figure out the time zone thing. The time on our phones is correct (local). The time on my computer, the car and her watch is an hour behind. 6 a.m. here is 5 a.m. at home and that’s too early to call. We should have it down just in time to fall back on Sunday morning.

I didn’t say that’s ALL we’re going to do…but it’s a start!

(note: set to post at 11:11 a.m.)