Spring Will Spring

March 19, 2006

Spring starts tomorrow! I LOVE Spring. Everything gets a fresh start! Trees that were dumpy last year can be glorious this year. Grass can be green again. The flowers I killed last year might get another crack at it (and this time, I’ll leave them alone. God can help them along.).

It is Spring Break in Henderson. Jonas is with us all week. We’re going to do some programs at the Library, go to Pump It Up, and go to see STOMP! in Paducah. Jason and I saw it in the Fall and want to take Jonas.

There is no youth group tonight because we went to a Krymson Concert last night. It was nifty. And I’m enjoying not going back to the church tonight (although I do love my job and I love my youth group. It’s just nice to have a Sunday night with my family).

So, Happy Spring, everyone!

One response to Spring Will Spring

  1. Enjoy your break!