Staff Photo Time

March 24, 2009

The Reverend John Guthrie

Director of Youth and Christian Education, moi. Photo credit to RevJohn. Thanks for getting so close to me to take this picture.

Our Church Secretary and so much more, Kelly Wilson

Our Custodian and so much more, Dave Beshear

Ruthann Ritchie, our wonderfully talented organist, harpist and choir director

Our Early Service Worship Team: Randy, Whitney and Becky (Please, no comments on my cheesy smile)

Tara Green (one of our nursery workers) and Mila Green in the church nursery

Stepheny Lee, our after school assistant and nursery worker

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2 responses to Staff Photo Time

  1. Great pics! And I loved that your staff biography says that you like “anything Chris Tomlin sings”!!!! That truly made my day!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well…I would like to say that I threw that in for your enjoyment…but that’s not true.

    Actually, I was in a hurry. And I had to write it by hand in about 2 minutes before I was late for something else and that bunch of rambling is what came to mind! But I do love anything Chris Tomlin sings.