Stuck In An Elevator!

August 23, 2006

Jonas and his friend Tabitha got stuck in the elevator at church on Sunday.

They were playing together after the service and decided to ride the elevator and push a bunch of buttons including the “Push to Stop” button.

Then, they freaked out and yelled for help. Harrison heard them first and found his dad and Jason. The men talked to Jonas and Tabby through the door and told them how to pull out the red button and get the elevator running again.

After the incident, Jonas said that Tabitha was scared, but that he prayed and then Jesus got them out of the elevator. Weren’t Jason and I proud of him for realizing this and relying on his faith in a time of crisis.

This morning, Jonas was telling the story again. Here’s how it went this time: “I yelled for help and then Daddy told an elf to help me and he did.”

I said, “What happened to Jesus?”

Jonas said, “Okay, maybe Jesus told the elf to help me.”

3 responses to Stuck In An Elevator!

  1. HA!

    I actually DID “LOL” on that one!

  2. God can do anything so the elf story isn’t so far fethced. Oh the faith and imagination of a child! Jonas may be a fictional writer someday. Thanks for sharing that story Becky!

  3. Too cute!