Stuff Christians Like Revisited

November 7, 2008

Besides all of the blogs written by my fantastic friends, one of my favorite, favorite, favorite blogs is Jon Acuff’s “Stuff Christians Like.” Maybe it’s because I work in a church and in the past, I’ve been involved in lots or churches from lots of backgrounds and I know that one thing is true–Christians and churches have a lot more in common than their Lord and Savior. This blog is a tongue in cheek look at some of those similarities. I’ve blogged about it before, so some of my previous favorite posts are contained in that entry.

Here are some new favorites:

Drinking Coffee in Church
At our church, this hasn’t really caught on in the sanctuary, but the Sunday School classes are full of the stuff.

The Double Greeting
I’ve been present for this technique countless times at my church and many others.

Christian Singing Groups
I especially love the name “Hannah Hosanna”

Rounding Up Your Attendance For God

The Evangelical Estimate is alive and well–and so tempting.

Always Sitting In The Same Seat At Church

Another universal truth.

And finally, for the text/im junkies:

The Christian Emoticons