Stuff Christians Like…

April 29, 2008

I’ve recently fallen in love with with a blog called “Stuff Christians Like.” This blog is a commentary on things that have become sort of Christian Cliches. It’s funny, because it’s stuff that is so familiar to so many people, and it’s stuff that must seem so strange to outsiders. Here are a few of my favorite entries:

Giving Open Flames to Kids on Christmas Eve
Who hasn’t thought this at one time?

Holding Retreats at Locations that Could Double As Horror Movies
They actually condemned the retreat center that we used to go to–one year we could go and the next year we couldn’t because it had been shut down.

Booty, God, Booty
I especially love it when artists thank God for being their inspiration and their album is full of a bunch of songs that I’m not sure God would inspire.

Singing Our God Is An Awesome God
I love this song, but it’s so true.

Forcing Little Kids To Sing the End of Your Song
I can think of six songs right now that use this technique.

One response to Stuff Christians Like…

  1. I LOVE THAT BLOG! Thanks for sending the link to me. I’ve passed it on to several others, also. Just too, too funny!