Sunday Morning Mashup

Some things I’m thinking about this morning:

I’m trying to catch up on my news out of Libya–I’ve been a bit distracted. Hearing that we bombed another country yesterday pretty much ruined my morning coffee.

Jason and Jonas have been camping all weekend. I want them to get home.

Spring Break travel has started. I’m trying not to be jealous of all of you who are heading to warmer, beachier locations, but it’s hard! I’m dreaming about sand between my toes and an umbrella drink in my hand right now.

I miss my church family. I don’t miss the stress that comes along with Sunday mornings.

My dog is weird. Not sure if it’s because he’s been lacking regular attention and his walks with Jason, the full moon or the new Spring smells outside. When he’s outside, he spends a lot of time pacing the deck and inhaling the buds that have fallen from the trees. Right now, he’s facing the wall, staring at the outlet where my phone is plugged in. He looks like he’s about to pounce.

I’ve been doing a lot of texting lately. Since Thursday afternoon, I’ve sent and received 326 text messages. For some of you, that doesn’t seem like a lot. For me, it’s a lot. Thank goodness that Deaconess has free wifi throughout the ER and hospital or I probably would have blown my data plan this month (AT&T limits all data plans now, if you still happen to be blessed enough to be on your old AT&T plan. Watch out for the upgrade!).

Speaking of my phone (we kind of were), I added the free All Recipes App, which has this cool spinner thing where you can choose your meal, your ingredient and the length of time you want to spend on cooking and (clickclickclick–that’s it spinning), it comes up with recipes for you. That’s been entertaining for me in the last couple of days.

I had lunch with Nibby and Kathy on Thursday, right before everything became temporarily abnormal. I love those two people. They always encourage me and challenge me and make me laugh.

I’m watching CNN this morning and I saw a really cheesy commercial for a Christian singles site: “Sometimes we wait for God to make the next move when God is saying, ‘it’s your time to act.'” Also, God is probably saying, “pay this company a lot of money to help you out.”

I just looked over at my husband’s laptop and there’s a Victoria’s Secret catalog sitting on top of it. Pretty sure it came in the mail on Friday before he left and pretty sure it has my name on it (also pretty sure I’m not sure how I got on that list, but whatever), but it still made me laugh.

I’m getting notices and announcements this morning about my high school class’ 15 year reunion this summer. That does not seem possible. Because I’ll be traveling back and forth from NWIndiana so much starting in May because my brother and Stefanie are getting married in August, I probably won’t make a trip for the reunion in July.

This morning’s Gospel Lectionary is about Nicodemus. This past Wednesday, people flooded my facebook and twitter streams with John 3:16 (because 3/16 is John 3:16 day?), which is part of the Nicodemus story. I’m doing some thinking this morning about how we cling to that one verse that is actually part of a larger conversation and I wonder if we don’t usually take it out of context.

As I finish this, I check the clock. Sunday School at Pres Church Henderson is almost over and I can hopefully assume that everything’s running normally over there. That’s good for my (sometimes inflated) sense of who I am and how necessary I am to the workings of the church I serve. I think they can handle it without me and that’s a good thing.

Have a wonderful Sunday, however you’re spending it!

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