Sunday Night

It’s Sunday night, at the end of an overflowing week.

This weekend has been so full of unexpected events (yesterday’s trip to the Deaconness ER) and overly-anticipated events (Today’s mission trip team meeting, a youth group interview with the local paper and the middle school group’s Fat Sunday outing to Mr. B’s) and at the end of it, I’m exhausted.

Life has been full speed ahead for the last two weeks, with so many things accomplished, completed and behind me. The week ahead should move at a much slower pace.

I’m hopeful, anyway. There are things to do and, if I’m not careful, I’ll add more because I can and because I have a problem with filling empty spots in my schedule simply because they are empty. I struggle with busy-ness and I love busy-ness. I’m broken like that.

This is a holy week of sorts. Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and Lent begins. I try to be disciplined in my life, but I’m never as successful and focused at it than I am during the season of Lent. I’m anxious to begin another Lenten journey.

Because of the fullness of the past couple of weeks and because I have had little down time, I need to draw some fresh water from the proverbial well and get my thoughts in order. This will probably mean a slow-down in blogging. I’ve used all my queued up posts (except the “ten” set to post on Tuesday) and haven’t had my regular weekend time to write and dream and contemplate. I’m all right with this because I love to write and know that it won’t be long before I sit down to write again.

It’s Sunday night. Monday’s coming. Usually those words cause dread and disdain, but tonight I like the sound of it. Monday will come after a night of sleep and bring a slower pace.