Surviving the Treadmill

September 2, 2007

Well, Jenny, I’m beginning to understand your love for Chris Tomlin. I’ve always thought he sang beautiful, worshipful songs and I always loved to listen to them and use them for worship time at youth group.

But these last couple of days, I’ve been listening to him on my ipod while I walk on the treadmill. Singing along (which is bound to be super obnoxious to Jason) and praying and praising God while I walk sure makes the minutes fly by. Mostly, I’m walking to his faster songs, but I’ve been stretching to “How Great Is Our God” before I walk and I just love that song.

Yes, this post is pretty random.

Today, we’re going to church and then heading down to the lake, just to enjoy the beautiful day.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

2 responses to Surviving the Treadmill

  1. Hello! See, I’m just ahead of my time. I’ve had a lot of people telling me just that lately. Funny how that is. Just so you know, when I was exercising like a crazy woman last spring/summer his music was also my main motivation. I had an entire “routine” to his “Live from Austin” CD. Hm…I should get back to that. Only, now I’m afraid the people below me won’t appreciate it all so much!

  2. Ha–I remember when we lived in the Haezarts and Steph or one of us was using her stepper in the kitchen and the people downstairs could hear the “bang, bang, bang.” I think they came up and asked us to stop? Or something?

    Yeah, that’s the bad part of living in an upstairs apartment.