(I’m in New Orleans with my students for two more days. I thought I’d attempt updating from my phone. If it looks funny, I’ll fix it when i get back–or Nibby will fix it sooner!)

Yesterday, I met Troy Peloquin. Troy works with Recovery School District in New Orleans. This used to be a curriculum project–meant to get schools on the right track teaching-wise. Now they are recovering from Katrina. Their enrollment is at about 65% what it was pre-Katrina. They have opened as many charter schools as public schools, which is unusual. “All eyes are on New Orleans,” Troy explained.

We are working at Rabouin High School, right in the heart of New Orleans. It’s a charter school and will have 9-11 graders next school year. It’s an old building, battered and damaged in the wake of Katrina. Our team scraped paint yesterday and will apply paint today.

Troy is a math teacher. “Five years ago, I was teaching and got jumped. I woke up in the hospital. One week later, they put me on this project.”

“Do you want to teach again?” I asked.

He stopped scraping my door and said, “I miss it every day.”

He just can’t decide whether he’ll teach high school kids or younger kids. “I’d live to start with a pre-k class and take them through high school. But it doesn’t work that way.”

Troy is someone who helps me remember the joy of service.

If you pray, pray for Troy.

He just got engaged.

He found out yesterday that 42% of the program staff was cut, but he gets to keep his job.

He is serving in a tough place and it would be easy to start losing hope.

It’s a great week in New Orleans.

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