Take Up Your Cross

August 8, 2006

Yes, I know I’m blogging a lot! I’m back into my schedule and somehow that’s freed me up to blog more. I’m not sure how that works, exactly…

I was driving along out in the county toward our house this afternoon. I passed a little boy (about 8 or 9, blond hair, etc) who was standing in his front yard, holding up two sticks in a cross formation and staring at it with a big smile on his face.

This really kind of made me smile. I saw the boy for about 2 seconds, and for all I know he was making a “plus sign” or just hitting sticks together. But when I saw him joyfully holding his cross up in the air, I was a little inspired.

We know as Christians we are called to “take up our cross” and follow. But the only way I’ve ever seen that depicted is someone dragging a giant cross along behind him or her like it’s the biggest burden. Does taking up our cross have to be a burden? Does it have to be hard? Granted, sometimes acting in faith and following Jesus is hard. But it’s not always hard. Sometimes it is joyful!

Sometimes it’s not so much dragging the cross along as it is joyfully lifting it up in front of our faces.


4 responses to Take Up Your Cross

  1. :o)

    I liked that.

  2. Isn’t it cool how God speaks to us in those ways? Sweet!

  3. Actually in one of our worship sets we started prophetically singing that taking up our cross is to be a joy just for the fact that we can be like Christ. It may be hard, but not really compared to the gift of eternity and heaven. I love when random experiences with strangers from a distance affect our walk. 🙂 I am at a different computer and can’t remember my password. So that is why my name isn’t presented.

  4. Wow… what an inspiring little boy! Thanks for the “picture” and the thoughts!