So I went to lunch with Nibby and Kathy yesterday. Spending time with either of them is always very fun and a little bit dangerous. Fun because Kathy and Nibby are each funny, entertaining and exciting people who do not go to my church (and as a church employee it’s pretty important for me to have friends who do not go to my church along with the dear friends who do). This was the first time the three of us spent time together, I think, but we are all three friends with each other. When we set it up, I thought, “this is going to be a good day,” and I was right.

It’s a little dangerous because Nibby loves gadgets even more than I do and while I dream about owning them he’s actually out buying them and telling me all about them and then I want them, too. Kathy also keeps up with a lot of the tech trends and I love all of it so the conversation lingered for awhile on technology and social media trends.

“How do you update Twitter?” Nibby asked casually. “Like, Tweetdeck, Tweetie, Tweettwittweettweettweet (I don’t actually know what he said, but it probably sounded kind of like that)?”

“Um…No?” I replied.

Well, that caught their attention. “What? Like…you just use Twitter? Oh, no, you need to get Tweetdeck.” They were both nodding and looking like they knew they had just saved me from certain doom.

So I went home and downloaded Tweetdeck.

And now it’s all over. Because I really kind of love it. I like that I can make it pink or blue or lime green or all three. I love that I can integrate Twitter and Facebook. I like that I can choose to update just Twitter or just Facebook or both at the same time. I like it that I can add columns of just the things I actually want to read and get to them quickly. I like how organized it is.

But mostly? I kind of get obsessed with keeping the columns empty. Which could be a bit distracting…

See, doesn’t that look better? This could be a problem.

In other news? I’ve been on the fence for weeks about what I’m going to do when I’m eligible for my phone upgrade with AT&T. Everyone (and I mean almost EVERYONE) keeps telling me to just get an iPhone. But I really like Jason’s Blackberry. And every time I start talking about getting a Blackberry, someone tells me about how that’s a bad idea because they/their cousin/someone they know has a Blackberry and hates it/the roller ball got messed up/it broke after 20 minutes.

“Play with my iPhone for awhile!” Someone will say, shoving it at me. “You’ll love it!”

And I do.

I really do kind of love it.

So I went to the AT&T store the other night and I played with the iPhones there and looked at all of the other kinds of phones. And then I went to lunch with Kathy and Nibby and they were all, “Just do it.” And I was all, “I’m not eligible for my upgrade yet.” And Nibby knows everyone (and I mean pretty much EVERYONE) and he knows the current manager and the former manager of the AT&T store in Henderson and darn if they both didn’t walk in together to have lunch where we were already having lunch.

Nibby gave it a good shot, but I still have to wait until September when I’m eligible for my upgrade, but I suppose when I am, I’ll get an iPhone and join the rest of the world (by which I mean most of the rest of the world and most of the people that you and I know. It’s really kind of ridiculous how many people have those things).

Also, Nibby brought his iPad to lunch and it made me feel a little bit drooly, but that’s another story I guess.

Note to conscientious readers: Yes, I know this post is obnoxiously materialistic. I’m aware that not using Tweetdeck, not knowing which phone to get and not having any hope of owning an iPad are definitely First World Problems. Thanks for indulging me, as usual.

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