January 28, 2010

Tomorrow, Jeff and Vallerie leave for two weeks in Thailand. Jeff has been going to Thailand as a missionary for several years now. This visit will be a little different in that it will be much shorter (usually he goes for 6 months) and he will have a travelling companion in Vallerie.

They will check in on the Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities, where Jeff usually serves most of his time in Thailand. His work will be limited there as they have “banned” Americans due to scare about the Swine Flu. They will also visit some of Jeff’s ministry partners in Buriram and take some money that Jeff has raised to help a pastor friend send children to school who otherwise would not be able to afford the uniforms, books and tuition.

Jeff has done a lot of great work on his journeys there and is doing it simply. His costs are always low because he doesn’t worry so much about his comfort or his possessions (and good thing, too, since airlines seem to lose his luggage a lot), but rather seeks to serve and love the people of Thailand.

Please pray that Jeff and Vallerie have good health, safe travels, and a chance to offer hope and love to the people they encounter!

One response to Thailand-Bound

  1. You got it! I'm praying for them now….