Tuesday Ten: Thankful Things

Today, I’m thanking God because:

1. People want to be Girl Scout  Leaders. I’ve trained 12 new leaders since school started and I’m scheduled to train 10 more before the week ends.

2. Our family is healthy. (However, I’m grieved over and praying for one family in particular with a very sick 13 year-old boy today.)

3. No matter how incredibly busy and overflowing this month has been, the insanity ends on Sunday when I get in my car and drive to North Carolina for my first week of Continuing Education this fall.

4. Fall weather is here.

5. All of my gadgets and apps means I’m never far away from music.

6. My mom is preaching her first sermon on Sunday morning.

7. My bed is super comfortable.

8. My supportive and loving friends.

9. A husband who cleans the house, does the grocery shopping and cooks meals when I don’t.

10. Jonas is here this week and he’s excited about…everythihg!