Thanks, and have fun running the country!

January 21, 2009

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If you go to the above link, you can buy the book: “Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country” which is full of real letters written by children to our new president. Here are a couple:

“If I were president, I would help all nations, even Hawaii.”
— Chad Timsing, age 9, Los Angeles

You should not smoke when you are president! There are simple reasons. Because you will die by smoking, and then you will not be president! But I want you to be.

—David Lopez, age 7, Los Angeles

“1. Fly to the White House in a helicopter. 2. Walk in. 3. Wipe feet. 4. Walk to the Oval Office. 5. Sit down in a chair. 6. Put hand sanitizer on hands. 7. Enjoy moment. 8. Get up. 9. Get in car. 10. Go to the dog pound.”
— Chandler Browne, age 12, Chicago

When you move into the White House, turn on the heater so it won’t be cold. You could also take hot baths in your new antique bathtubs. Or you could make hot tea and coffee. When I moved to a new house, I helped my dad. He took apart a chair and I carried pieces of it. If I were your helper when you move in, I could move everything! Have a nice day being the first family.

–Nazrawit Dessie, age 7, Seattle

And in the really, really random and partially illegal category:

If I want anybody to be president, it’s me. I would clean the streets and give myself more money. I would also give everybody a piece of a Reese’s candy. Every homeless guy or girl would get $50 for help and a place to sleep for the winter. My family and other families would get free gas for our cars; single people with no kids would have to pay. The money would come from copying other bills. The $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills would be copied one thousand times.

The paper would not come from trees but from hardened glue. The way to make it is by mixing water and glue together so that it looks like paper. You then put it in a fire, then let it cool in the freezer.

–Weslie Jackson, age 12, Chicago

One response to Thanks, and have fun running the country!

  1. Thanks for sharing that Becky. Kids are creative. I think Obama will benefit from their insights.