Thanksgiving Weekend

November 26, 2007

We had a really wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

We started our Turkey Day at the Turkey Trot that our church has each year. It raises money for our benevolence fund (which pays for the dental program and food pantry needs). Walking a 5 K on Thanksgiving morning is just what you need to help you feel better about consuming all of those calories at dinner!

We had dinner on Thursday at Jason’s aunt’s house. It was a good time and we got to see all of Jason’s family, which is a great thing about the holidays.

On Friday, we slept in and then got up and did nothing. Jonas and I watched “The Sound of Music,” and Jason brought down the Christmas decorations and took care of hanging the lights outside.

We went to my Mom’s house for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend, Polly.

Jason, Jonas and I tossed the football around while we waited for Jeff and Polly to arrive. Here is Jonas having a Charlie Brown experience with punting the football.

On Friday night, we played the game “Imagine iff…” which is pretty much the most awesome game ever. It was a lot of fun and even Jonas could play.

On Saturday, we went out for breakfast and went for a hike at Audubon Park. We hiked some of the back trails and took some forks to see the sights.

The boys decided to try to swing on some vines. Really, you’re not supposed to do this. But it was too tempting for our men who just had to try it.

Here is Jeff at the park. He leaves for Thailand on January 8, by the way. He’ll be there for six months.

Jeff did a good job swinging on this vine. What you don’t see is the vine BREAKING right after I took this picture. Jeff and vine pieces fell everywhere.

Jason also broke a vine and landed flat on his back.

Luckily Jonas was pretty safe, being so much lighter than the other two.

Some other dangerous activities.

Jonas, Jeff and Polly in the Eagle Scout cottage.

3 responses to Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. Ah, that looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glad you got to see your brother and Polly. Question: Where are the pics of you on a vine?

  2. Fun pics. I am scared of heights so the bridge pictures made me woozie.

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Lorentzon November 28, 2007 at 12:02 am

    ooooooohhh…I liked seeing the pics of Audubon Park! Those bring back memories!

    I am glad you had a lovely holiday with both Jason’s and your families!

    (and what a great idea to walk 5k before Turkey dinner!)