The Adventures Of Chippy/Chachi

As usual our life is full of adventures we can never see coming.

On Saturday night, we were driving a Zombie to a Halloween Party at Audubon Park. As we pulled out of our driveway and around the corner (we live at an intersection) a small dog ran out into the street from our front yard. “Stop,” I said to Jason. “He’s too little be out here by himself!”

So we stopped and picked up the dog, who was not wearing a collar or tags, and took him for a drive around the neighborhood. We were hoping to see people out with flashlights, looking for it.

After a slow drive, we pulled back into our driveway and took the small dog into our garage. We got a towel for her (for by that time we had checked to see if it was a he-dog or a she-dog), gave her some cat food (Sam’s food seemed a little too big for her mouth) and water. She’s a sweet, terrified dog, who loves to be held like a baby (see the picture above) and trembles constantly.

That night, we put a sign on our street sign: “FOUND: Small dog at this intersection. Call _____ to claim or offer information” We drove around again hoping to see neighbors out with flashlights. We asked any neighbors who were outside if they had seen anyone looking for a dog. I posted her picture on facebook and asked Henderson friends to “share” it to see if anyone knew anything.

Jonas, of course, took an immediate liking to her. She slept in his bed on Saturday night and spent the entire day in his care on Sunday. On Sunday, we took her from house to house during Trick-or-Treating and asked everyone whether they recognized her. No one did. I’m starting to reach the conclusion that she was dumped in our neighborhood. Especially after taking her to our vet this morning and having her scanned for a micro-chip. She doesn’t have one.

Jonas suggested the name “Chippy.” Jason preferred “Chachi.” I’ve taken to calling her “Chippy/Chachi” because it’s fun to say. No one but me can remember that, though, and that’s caused Jason to suggest the following names: “Pinata,” “Tequila,” “Corona.” I’m sticking with Chippy/Chachi.

“Can’t we keep her?” Jonas asked on Sunday. “I really, really like her.”

“Jonas really likes her…” Jason said pointedly.

“I can’t take care of another dog,” I told Jason. “Especially one so much different than the dog I’m already taking care of.” Because although the other members of the household do help from time to time, I’m the one who takes care of Sam. I’m the one who gets up early or in the middle of the night to take him outside, I give him his medicine, I take him to the vet. I like big dogs like Sam. They don’t get underfoot, it’s easy to keep track of them in a yard full of leaves, and I just know how to take care of big dogs. I have no idea what to do with this tiny dog and I’m not sure I want to learn.’

“Plus,” I argued. “Are you sure you want the vet bills? I mean, shots, possible de-worming, spaying her, monthly flea and heartworm treatments…?” Jason shrugged.

Then Jonas left to go spend this week at his mom’s house.

And then Chippy/Chachi peed on Jason’s side of the bed.

We did have a neighbor call and offer to take her if no one claimed her. I suppose we’ll take her up on it since there’s just no way we’ll be keeping her.

For now, she’s spending most of her time sleeping in a laundry basket lined with a Blue’s Clues fleece blanket in the corner of our bedroom. She’s a really cute dog and she’s starting to get used to us and even to Sam and Simon (Sam’s excited about her being around, Simon’s giving all of us the cold shoulder). I know Jonas will be sad to see her go.

But she will go….mark my words…

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