The Chronicles of Narnia

December 22, 2005

We went to see Narnia on Tuesday night. It was a wonderful movie! We took Jonas, who is 6, and really enjoyed it. The only thing that we may have made a mistake on is that the battle scenes are pretty intense and we don’t usually let him watch movies with intense battle scenes. He actually covered his eyes 😉 But otherwise he really enjoyed it. We weren’t sure whether he would like it or be bored because it wasn’t a cartoon.

When we left the movie, I just kind of said to Jonas, “You know, the lion is kind of like Jesus.” He’s been working on that riddle ever since. He’s asking all kinds of questions about why did the lion do this and why did the lion do that. He’s pretty much got it figured out.

Before we went to the movie, we went to Jonas’ class party at school, went to visit Santa at the mall, and ate dinner at Red Lobster (we had a gift card). After the movie, we went to Central Park. If you haven’t been to Central Park in Henderson at Christmastime, you’re missing out! They decorate th whole park for Christmas. There are lighted displays and a train, a bus, and a firetruck that kids can get in, little houses, a castle, igloos, the Berenstein Bears ice skating in the fountain, a house where Santa goes to sit and greet children on Saturdays, Mrs. Claus’ candy store, a great big rocking reindeer, Santa’s sleigh with seats to ride. It’s a Kodak experience, but I don’t have pictures from that because we forgot our camera! Oh well!