The Game Of Life Prayer Stations (part 1)

loucon2 023I’m blessed to be part of a wonderfully creative group of ministers and youth directors in the Presbytery of Western Kentucky. This year, David Muffett (The Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green, KY), Katie Todd (MOTA at Murray State University), Mason Todd (First Presbyterian Church of Mayfield, KY), Rob Wilson (First Presbyterian Church of Madisonville, KY) and I (Becky Durham, Presbyterian Church of Henderson, KY) put together instructions and materials for eleven prayer stations based on themes from The Game Of Life board game. These were designed for our middle and high school youth at our annual Fall Retreat at Camp Loucon. (You can find instructions for last year’s prayer stations here and here.)

Students were let into the large space in groups of ten or so. They were able to rotate through and visit the stations at their own speed in their own order. The idea of this night of prayer/worship/mission/community is that kids will be able to pray and meet God in ways that are new and in ways that fit their own gifts and callings.

Station #1: School

At this station, students made bookmarks for their Bibles. Katie provided pre-printed card stock cut into bookmark. The verses on the bookmarks were verses relevant to our retreat theme. Supplies: pre-printed bookmarks; markers

GOL School

loucon2 034


Station #2: Career

We used this station to think about vocation and how our gifts and talents and interests can turn into careers that will bless the Kingdom of God. Supplies: 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ sheets of paper; markers
GOL Career

loucon2 031


Now, I’m not going to tell you that all of our students really embraced the vocation thing. We did get some pretty interesting career cards out of the deal: .

loucon2 076

loucon2 117


Station #3: Insurance

At the Insurance Station, we had an opportunity to discuss life events that require hard choices. What are your options? What would you do? Why would handle it that way? Supplies: Game of Life wheel; scenarios prepared for students to read and discuss.


GOL Insurance


loucon2 006


Station #4: Relationships

At this station, students had a chance to affirm their friends, old or new. Each student had selected a silhouette earlier in the day. They wrote a word that they would use to describe themselves on the back and then taped it to the wall. During the course of the session that night, students could select word tiles that described their friends and glue them to the silhouettes. Supplies: Silhouette choices; glue sticks; word tiles (we used cardstock and the tiles were about an inch long).

GOL Relationships


loucon2 010


loucon2 061


loucon2 008


Session #5: Speeding

In this session, we asked kids to record their life stories in 6 seconds using Vine. Supplies: An iPad and a Vine account.

GOL Speeding


loucon2 057


There are six other stations that were part of this rotation! Find part 2 (stations 6-11) here!