The Internets Are Interesting

I’ve been up since 5:30 this a.m. with a neurotic dog who insisted on sticking his wet nose under the covers of our bed and under the shirt of my pajamas and running it up and down my back. I know Samson well enough to know that this means “I HEARD THUNDER!” Sure enough, it was starting to storm.

(When he just wants to go outside and do his business, he doesn’t bother me with his nose–he lies next to the bed and does this “threatening to bark” thing…it’s like a half bark that doesn’t make much noise, but wakes me up. When he’s ready to leave the room and start his day in the house, he starts pushing on our mattress and bounces us around until one of us gets up and opens the door. You know, some days it seems more like he owns us, but whatever…)

So, here I am, three hours and three (biggest mug in the house) cups of coffee later. The good thing about this scenario is that I caught up on Google Reader and my bookmarked sites. Here are some things I found worth watching and reading this morning:

The day’s Lectionary reading.

Rachel Held Evans discovers that she is, in fact, a Christian Hipster.

I finally had a chance to watch Andrew Marin’s interview on CBN.

Heck, YES, I want one of these….well, maybe not actually. But if I did, I’d want the one with the sheep on it.

Jon Acuff address big church hats and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve read this week.

Adam McLane gives some tips on the new Facebook Places

Carol Howard Merritt’s whole blog is pretty awesome.

Ann Dilenschneider Explores Clergy Burnout

Roland Martin and the Mosque at Ground Zero

Landon Whitsett and The Problem with Dr. Laura

Also, I re-read Thanatopsis. Which is a really wonderful poem.