The Labor Day Weekend Show

It’s been a near perfect Labor Day weekend around here.

We spent Friday together as a family. We stayed outside most of the day with Jonas running the neighborhood with friends. I got a large amount of reading done, which is great. It’s getting harder and harder to find space to just sit and read without interruption.

On Saturday, the boys had a big day at home playing outside and I drove to Terre Haute/Brazil to see three of my college roommates and various other friends for Jenny’s very first wedding shower! We are all so excited for her and it was a really fun night. I’m still laughing about some of the things that happened and I especially crack up every time I remember that Paige’s parents nearly gave her the middle name “Ina” after a family member (which, if you’re slow today, would make her name “Paige Ina.” I laugh every time. Juvenile? Yes. Funny? For sure. I feel like I’m stealing her story by including this here, but I have a feeling Paige would hardly care.)
It was fun to be with everyone. Here are a few pictures from our time together:

Steph, Kelly and I stayed the night in Terre Haute and then I checked in at the Starbucks across from the hotel and hit the long, boring road home.

Sunday means Youth Group! We ate dinner, watched “To Save A Life” and played this silly game:
It was, obviously, a lot of fun.

Around 8:30, my phone buzzed and I had a text from Jenny. “We are at the Tumbleweed in Hendo!” it declared. WHAT? So Jason and I headed over to the ‘weed and had drinks while Jenny, Paige and Rebecca ate dinner and entertained us before continuing their drive back to Houston. It was a really fun surprise.

This morning, Jason and I drank coffee and read on the back deck and then went and walked some on the trails at Audubon Park. Before long, we’re going to put some steak on the grill and enjoy the rest of the day!

I hope you’re enjoying yours!