The Labor Day Weekend Show

August 31, 2008

So, it’s Labor Day weekend. We’ve had a pretty uneventful weekend. I worked Bingo for Holy Name Cub Scouts on Friday night, we went to Jonas’ football game yesterday (his team won), and went biking last night. Today was church, out to lunch and a walk around the mall in Owensboro. We thought about driving to the lake this afternoon, but decided it was too hot. In a few minutes, Jonas will be here after a weekend with his mom. Tomorrow, we’re having the parents over for a Labor Day cookout.

I’m watching the news and praying that Gustav treads lightly on the Gulf Coast. Having been down to the coast a couple of times on relief missions, I feel even more worried about this incoming storm. The relief effort has been ongoing for so long and to think that some of it could be demolished and the relief effort could be reset is scary!

Happy Labor Day!

2 responses to The Labor Day Weekend Show

  1. Happy Labor Day!
    Enjoy your day off and the end to what sounded like a nice weekend!

  2. Your Labor Day was more eventful than mine. I stayed with my parents and ended up watching The Two Towers. I was a couch potato! Tell Jonas I said congrats on his victory!