The Last Night

June 25, 2018

It’s ten minutes after midnight. I am tired enough to be asleep, but instead, I sit at the table, still in our house in Henderson, surrounded by boxes, packed and sealed and ready to travel tomorrow.

For the last two weeks and then some, Jason and I have been the recipients of many well wishes, words of kindness and encouragement, goodbye parties, “last” meals, surprise visits, a specially themed Toastmasters meeting, warm hugs, incredibly thoughtful gifts, written notes, and so much goodness and love. My instinct has sometimes been to stop the outpouring, to say, “We don’t have to do this now” or “this is too much to take in.” Instead, I’ve tried to let those words wash over me, to hear every one, to receive every kindness and gift and hang onto them for the days ahead…and to say the words I need to say, too. Mostly, all I can manage is “I love you.” If I say all the words I want to say, I dissolve into a puddle of messy, ugly tears and can’t finish saying anything. Some of you know–you’ve seen it firsthand.

I know two things.

Our lives are filled with the very best people and we love each of you so much. Both Jason and I are better for being known and loved by you.

That we will continue to “hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, because God, who promised, is faithful.” (Hebrew 10:23)

We mean it about the guest room. I have a whole google calendar now devoted to scheduling your visits.

I also mean it about the beach. If you vacation on the coastal Carolina beaches and don’t call us to come visit you there, I’ll unfriend you*.

*I’m kidding. Probably.