The Lord is Like a Shoving Leopard

September 21, 2005

That’s the title of this Sunday’s early church sermon. It was actually a phrase spoken by Father William Spooner in the early part of this century. He meant to say “loving shepherd” but instead said “shoving leopard.” LOL.

I’m actually going to speak on the loving shepherd, Jesus (as witnessed in John 10), but Jonas and I have been reading “Runny Babbit” by Shel Silverstein, so when I stumbled upon Father Spooner’s mistake I thought it would be an appropriate title.

So, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing now–working on my message. But if you ever write sermons, maybe you know about “sermon block.” It’s like writer’s block, but it happens when you’re working on a message and the ideas just stop flowing–or won’t even start. I find in those times it’s best to either a) study the scripture and pray or b) goof around until you get motivated. Since it’s only Wednesday and I’m a fan of pushing deadlines, I chose “b” this afternoon. “Why, Becky, that’s very unspiritual of you.” I know. But at least it’s honest, right?

I have my intro and my outline, anyway. But I write out my messages because I’m a terrible off the cuff speaker. Seriously, when I speak in front of people and I don’t have anything written down, I say all kinds of cheesy, stupid things that don’t make sense. And I try to be funny, and let’s face it, I have a really dry sense of humor. I’m only really funny to people who “get” me. Like Katie Lorentzon who apparently sniggles when she’s reading my blog–nice one, Katie.
So anyway, that’s why I always write my messages out. One thing I have going for me, though, is that I’m a really good reader, so I’m able to read in such a way that it doesn’t always sound like I’m reading. Since God didn’t make me hysterical or a great speaker, he at least gave me good delivery.

Another thing I need to do today is come up with a children’s message for the later church service this Sunday. That’s usually easier because a) God has called me to work with children and b) I kind of cheat. Well, is it really cheating when there are websites and books full of children’s messages that are right there in cyberspace on websites created for children’s ministers to use? I don’t think so. Plus, I always add a personal touch to these pre-formed sermons. And some days I do come up with my own stuff.

So, now I’ve burst your bubble, I guess. I goof around instead of writing my sermons in a timely and spiritual fashion and I often get my childrens sermons off Hooray for a God who loves me anyway 🙂

May our Shoving Leopard bless you all!

One response to The Lord is Like a Shoving Leopard

  1. Niklas & Katie Lorentzon September 23, 2005 at 3:05 am

    Ha! Shoving Leopard! I wish I could use that here but unfortunately it doesn’t really translate into Swedish!
    My Sunday School lessons have been going well enough, though. I find that I prefer it when none of the parents have accompanied their kids to Sunday School because then I can be REALLY goofy and child-like! I guess I should get over that though.
    Last week we had a contest where the kids came up with a name for Sunday School (instead of just plain old boring Sunday School, which when abbreviated becomes SS which just doesn’t work…) and there were all kinds of interesting suggestions.
    Jesus’ Wonderful Day.
    Jesus Holds My Hand.
    Jesus’ Best School Ever.
    Candy School.
    And the winner and new name for our Sunday School is:
    I thought that was pretty good. A girl named Hanna came up with it and the others voted.
    She won a fist full of candy. I forgot we had cool Christian Kids’ CDs to give away so she just got candy instead! But there will always be more contests and competitions!