The Plan

February 14, 2010

Eight year-old Italia explains her career plan to me this morning (while she made a valentine for her cat, Swifty in the art room):

Italia: First, I’m going to be an artist. I will sell about 20 paintings…maybe more. Then I will be a chef.

Me: Oh? Will you have a specialty?

Italia: What’s that?

Me: You know, something you make really well and everyone likes to eat.

Italia: My specialty will be an Italian soup.

Me: Awesome.

Italia: Then I’ll be a farmer. I’ll make lots of food for people. I will give it away, even to Walmart. But I will wash it first. I might even grow pumpkins and enter a pumpkin growing contest.

Me: Well, that sounds like a pretty busy life.

Italia: I’ll be a farmer for a long time, I think.