The TP Event

The following story from my high school days is much loved by the students in my youth group (for obvious reasons) and not quite as loved by their parents (for obvious reasons). It’s possible that I’ve told this story so many times that some of the details have been permanently embellished and I don’t even remember. If this is the case, the other eye-witnesses are welcome to let me know.

It was winter of our junior year and four friends (myself, Sarah, Nicole, Becky J.) were spending the night together at Nicole’s house. Nicole’s neighbor happened to be a guy (Chris) whom we had known since elementary school. Now we knew Chris and his family were away for the night and we (in all of our high school girl, sugar induced wisdom) came up with an awesome plan.

We went to Venture and bought 48 rolls of toilet paper.

48 Rolls.

We took those rolls of toilet paper to Chris’ house and had one of the most fun times I had at any point in high school. There’s something so joyful about flinging rolls of toilet paper into the air, watching the paper weave through tree branches and fly over the roof. We took pictures (the one above was taken the next day by Nicole from her front yard) and raced back to Nicole’s house. At that point, we made a phone call and left a message on Chris’ answering machine, just in case he wasn’t sure who the culprit was.

It was pretty amazing. And we were pretty proud of ourselves. We had a facebook exchange about it the other night and I think we’re still proud of ourselves!

The next afternoon I was lying around the house, napping on and off, tired from all the overnight fun. The phone rang. Sarah told me that Chris had called her and his mom was upset. REALLY upset. He had to go to work, so he couldn’t clean the mess up. He needed us to come over and clean it up. Sarah and I were the only ones who were available, so we grabbed some trash bags and met at Chris’ house.

We worked for quite awhile, stuffing toilet paper into the trash bags. At that moment, going to Venture and buying 48 rolls of toilet paper seemed like a less awesome idea.

After about 45 minutes, the front door of the house opened. Chris’ mom came out. We rushed to her, apologizing–we were so sorry! We were just having fun! We never meant to upset her!

Well, those of you who are a little bit less gullible than Sarah and I were on that sleep-deprived morning may already know where this is going.

“Oh, I thought this was hilarious!” Mrs. C. said. “What are you doing here? I told Chris he had to clean this up after he got off work!”


He had taken us. With his mother’s help, we took every bit of that 48 rolls of toilet paper into the house.

It was almost as fun to toss that toilet paper all over Chris’ bedroom as it had been tossing it all over his yard. His mom added glitter so that Chris would not only be forced to throw away toilet paper for weeks as it appeared in various corners and nooks, but he would also have to vacuum regularly to try to get rid of the glitter.

(Picture credit to Nicole Bulkowski; Picture content: 48 rolls of toilet paper and Nicole, Becky and Sarah–Becky J. was behind the camera.)

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  1. I still tell that story too! Good times.
    I'm glad your youth group loves and appreciates that story.

  2. That….is….AWESOME!!! How is it that I've never heard that story? Or how sad is it that I'm getting so old that I've forgotten it?

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