The Update That’s Probably TMI

But I just thought I’d give a quick update about my visit with my doctor and the whole “Becky wants to be a runner” thing since I mentioned I was going.

First of all, my blood work came back with mostly gold stars. I totally blame exercise for bringing all of my “numbers” into perfect range. The only problem? I’m now officially anemic. The doctor sent along a prescription for a really high daily dose of iron, but I’m a little worried about nearly sextupling (ha–is that a word? I mean x6…) my amount of supplemental iron. Today I ate an entire bag of steamed broccoli. The other day, the youth group girls made me order a cheeseburger at Applebees (“Eat your iron!” one of them exclaimed when I wondered if I should order chicken instead.). I suppose it’s all about balance. I stopped eating red meat (a great source of iron) to improve my health, but I suppose I should have focused on other ways to get the mineral.

Second of all, I have to go back to my orthopedic surgeon because my doctor feels rather certain that the tumor on my Achilles tendon has come back. Tumors do that, I know, and it was a benign tumor…but I had surgery and everything so I was kind of hoping that was a done deal.

Whatever it is that’s happening with my Achilles is making running (and some days, walking) kind of painful. “Are you limping?” Is a question I hear frequently…because I am actually limping a bit even though I try to walk normally. I’ve stopped running since Thanksgiving weekend and that’s helped the pain some.

When I told my doctor that, he kind of shrugged and said, “Well, I guess that answers that question.” Elliptical, swimming, biking–all good ideas for now. Running–not so much.


But I feel great and I weigh less than I did at my physical last year. I’m giving serious thought to swimming laps at the Y more often and to eating more broccoli, spinach and steak (hey–that sounds good now that I think about it!). I’m sad that it seems I won’t be a runner, but if I’m honest about it, I was probably never going to make a good runner anyway.

And that’s the TMI update!