Thursday afternoon

June 29, 2006

We have completed our fourth day of work here. We just have tomorrow left and then we leave on Saturday morning (early). My group finished our tree pile at the Llama Farm, the roof crew finished their second roof, and the drywall and paint crews are rushing to get done by tomorrow afternoon. I think that today was also our last day for the Katrina’s Kitchen Group to go work there.

Last night, we went out for dinner. We ate at Montana’s, which is a steak/ribs/seafood place. Tonight we are going to a worship service at the blown out Catholic Church on the beach.

The kids are doing really well at their jobs–they are definitely the best group of kids at the camp this week. They work hard and complain little. Us adults are really proud of their hard work.

I added more pictures today. Look below to click on the link.

4 responses to Thursday afternoon

  1. Glad to hear it’s all going so well! When do you head back home? (If you posted that, I’m sorry, I forget and am too lazy to go back and look!)

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