Thursday Night – Friday Afternoon

OH, it is so exciting here! I wish all of Jenny’s friends could be here for her big day!

I’m taking pictures and posting carefully b/c Jenny doesn’t want to see any pics of herself before the wedding. We all know this is ridiculous because Jenny is beautiful, but whatever. She’s the bride and she’s the boss.

I meant to set this post to go live at 3:59 PM, but I screwed that up. So you get a sneak peek b/c I can’t get it to unpost.

So, here we go:

First of all, I finally got to meet this guy. I really do like Zach, the groom, and I’m glad I finally got to meet the guy I’ve heard so much about…

After a tour of Jenny’s new house (!), we went to Nico Nicos, a Greek restaurant.

Zach and Jenny at Nico Nicos
Bridesmaid Paige and I
Bridesmaid Rebecca and I

Jenny and Zach in front of their house

Then Friday morning:

Jason’s waffles were shaped like Texas.

I went with Jenny to have her final dress alterations (John is adding a bustle). This is all I would take of the dress (and I didn’t even post this one to facebook just in case). I wanted to cry after I zipped her up–it’s a beautiful dress.

Then we met three of the other bridesmaids for manicure/pedicures.

And then we went to lunch. Here are Rebecca, Amanda and Shannon

and Jenny and I.