Thursday Night Life Update

Stuff is happening. I’m not feeling witty or focused, so here are the basics:

Jonas: Summer has started. He performed in his last band concert as a sixth grader–and let me tell you, that band came a long way from “Hot Cross Buns!” He was awarded “Most Improved Student” in math. He brought all of his grades up by the end of the year. He’s been doing some work with Jason, playing outside and hanging out doing kid stuff. He’s 12, he’s and expert on everything and he’s pretty sure he’s funnier than you are. All those times parents came to me at wit’s end with their 12 year old boys and I assured them that their boys were normal and they would survive this? I’m eating my words.

Jason: Summer means more work to be done, so Jason’s working  a lot. He’s getting ready to be the game leder at Vacation Bible School (the kids call him “Mr. Games”) and then take his Boy Scout Troop for a week of camp. In July, we are going to squeeze in a cheap family vacation and head up to Crown Point, where we will bum free lodging from my family members and see the Cubs play the Astros at Wrigley and Jimmy Buffett play Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL. He’s pretty psyched about the Buffett concert (I’m more psyched about Wrigley).

Me: I’m doing well! You’ve probably noticed that I’ve recently attended an unconference that was well-worth my time (and included a really fun road trip). I’ve spent the week doing odd jobs and firming up summer dates for youth and children’s activities and spending time with friends over coffee and lunch.

I’m starting week 5 of Couch to 5K tomorrow, and if you’re keeping track and you think that sounds like I’m going slowly, you’re right! But not in the sense that I’m not keeping up with it. I do C25K every other day–at Audubon Park, on the bike trail behind Walmart, in our hilly neighborhood or on the indoor track at the YMCA. It’s just that I’m doing a lot of repeats. I have a feeling this will be a week of repeats because theoretically, at the end of this week, I’ll be running for 20 minutes straight. The day I run for 20 minutes straight will be a day of major celebration and my recovery menu may include a margarita…and a pile of chocolate. The days I’m not doing C25K, I’m hiking trails at Audubon or on the machines at the YMCA. I’m still enjoying writing and participating with the #RunRevRun team. My articles for the site are here.

June will be the usual month devoted to ministry. Vacation Bible School, High School Mission Trip to New Orleans and the Middle School Mission Trip to Bowling Green, KY. I’ll add a couple of day trips and other events in with our students and children.

July will be devoted more to family time, our vacation to Chicago and preparations for my brother’s wedding early in August. The boys will be ushers, so we’ll have to take care of tux rentals. I’m reading Scripture, so I have to get a new dress. You know how it goes.

Summer will go fast.

But tonight, we’re spending time at home. We ate dinner together, watched Wipe-Out (mindless television at its best) together and now we’re all lounging around. In the room, we have two laptops, an iPod touch, an iPhone and a television all turned on while we trade jokes, play with apps and laugh together. The only one in the room not playing with electronics is Sam, who is sleeping in the corner. Tomorrow, Jonas and I are going to see the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, which I’m pretty excited to see!

Enjoy the weekend!