Toastmaster Topics: Snow!


Clydean Gish is the meeting’s Toastmaster today (Wednesday) and she chose “Snow” as the theme for the meeting.

For the first eighteen years of my life, winter always included several inches of snow. We lived near Lake Michigan and were very familiar with “Lake Effect Snow.” From November thru March, we were hardly ever without snow. Here are some memories I have that include snow:

When we were kids, we loved to go sledding. We always had saucers and sleds to use and there were two main places we used them. At Oak Ridge Prairie Park in a nearby community, there was a HUGE hill. It was a treat to go there to sled. The other place we used our sleds? Our backyard. We had a large deck on the back of our house and my dad used to pack the steps full of snow and create a sled hill. Down the steps we’d sled and through the backyard.Sometimes you could make it all the way to the back fence!

xmas2My very first driving lesson with my Driver’s Ed instructor occurred in a snowstorm. I remember feeling just a bit concerned when he directed me to the Interstate (I65). I don’t remember my parents having any sort of concerns about the fact that I was having my very first driving lesson in a snowstorm. I drove my 50 minutes and we all survived.

When I moved to Evansville, Indiana for college, I was in for a surprise on the first day it snowed.  Not only did all classes and campus activities get canceled (it snowed half an inch), but all of the businesses in town started closing. My roommate, Becca (from Michigan), our friend Brie (from Juneau, Alaska) and I sat, bewildered, watching coverage of the major snow event on television.

Ixmas1n 2004, it snowed so much in Henderson, KY (about 20 inches?), that we had to cancel Christmas Eve services at our church. The Durham family spent days playing in the huge piles and drifts of snow. We have a lot of great pictures from that snowstorm!

This year, so far, we’ve had some pretty good snow. Some people love it. Some people hate it. None of us can control it.

I say let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

(Riverbend Toastmasters meets on Wednesdays at noon in the multipurpose room of the Henderson County Public Library. Join us as a guest today!)