tobyMac And I Go Wayyy Back

Tonight, the youth group and various youth group volunteers and friends and I are going to see tobyMac and Skillet at Roberts Stadium. We’re pretty excited.

The last time I saw tobyMac, at a Youth Specialties conference in 2003, I touched his butt.

Sure, that may seem like it could possibly be inappropriate, but let me explain. He was crowd surfing and I HAD to touch his butt or else he might have fallen. It was like my JOB to touch his butt.

It’s not looking good for a repeat of this incident tonight (my husband couldn’t be happier about that, I’m sure). First of all, we have tickets in the nosebleed section, so if he crowd surfs all the way back there, it will be a miracle. Also, I’m not sure how old tM is, but I’m guessing he’s getting up there since I’ve been listening to him since his DCTalk days, and that was a LONG time ago. I’m thinking crowd surfing would be an unwise decision on his part.

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