Too Early For So Much Random

October 28, 2008

At FCA this morning, we were discussing the owner of the vineyard in Matthew 20. I have a kid at South Middle School FCA whom I love. I’ll call him Randy Random because he’s…well, he’s really random (JENNY–he’s totally like “it’s like spare rib!” AND “Celery?” rolled into one). Just off the wall stuff that makes me curse forgetting to drink my first cup of coffee BEFORE going to South on Tuesday mornings.

This morning, as we discussed the parable of the landowner, I was wondering if anyone thought it was fair that the workers who came late in the day were paid the same amount as the workers who showed up early and worked all day. Well, no, eventually they all agreed it wasn’t really fair.

Randy Random spoke: “It’s like when you drive by a graveyard and you hold your breath. You know, because it isn’t fair that you get to breathe and the people in the graveyard don’t.”

You know, usually when Randy shares, I can usually keep up and keep the discussion moving. But I was de-caffeinated, so all I could come up with was: “Um. What?”

Feel free to nominate me for FCA coach of the year.

2 responses to Too Early For So Much Random

  1. Ha! I certainly appreciate that story. That actually reminds me a lot of my jr. high teaching days. I woul dhave one of those encounters almost daily. What a fantastic age group.

  2. hahaha!