Training Update

I’m still running, in case you were wondering.

I’m still slow.

I’m still struggling.

I’m still training for a 5K.

I didn’t make much progress during this hot, difficult summer. I’m not a treadmill runner, so my options are outdoors or on the indoor track, which is not air conditioned. The heat was a challenge for most of the summer. I continued to run/walk a few times a week, but I didn’t improve much–and actually struggled more. My running friends assure me that I’ll love it when the weather breaks and it’s not miserable to run outside.

Besides the heat, a couple of things are making training difficult. My right ankle never doesn’t hurt. I still get shin splints. And I’ve discovered/confirmed that I have some sort of anxiety issue that makes me really self-conscious when other people are on the track or near me and I lose my breath more quickly (yes, I know that’s silly).

I run 3-4 times a week either in our neighborhood (which is full of hills), at the YMCA (on the indoor track) or on the Turkey Trot 5K course that starts at our church. I haven’t quite reached the point where I can just keep running. I’ve done the 20 minute run in the Couch to 5K training several times, but I struggle to do the 20 minutes. I often run a timed mile just to challenge myself and track my (lack of) speed. I’ve been sprinting a lap and walking a lap, trying to improve my speed and my stride. I’m still using the C25K program, but I’m lingering in week 6.

Still, I’m encouraged because I know that six months ago, I couldn’t have done any of the things I just wrote in the previous paragraph. I want to be a runner and I believe that one day, I’ll be legit. And I will run the Turkey Trot if it kills me.

It might…

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