Trip To The Store

April 30, 2007

So Jason and I had to get cat food, floor mats for the car, and a few other odds and ends. Because it’s where you have to go, we went to the store. Here is the conversation that occurred during checkout:

Cashier: Hi, Dearie! How are you?

Me: Oh, I’m fine, thank you. How are you?

Cashier: I’m GREAT!

Me: That’s FABULOUS!

Cashier: Oh, cat food. I hope it’s not on the list of recalled cat food…

Me: Oh, Friskies isn’t one of the–

Cashier: Of course, the rich people don’t have to worry about that!

Me: (blank look at Jason)

Cashier: Oh, no, rich people don’t have to worry about anything! Rich people never worked hard a day in their life…

Jason: Oh, I’ve known a couple of hard-working rich people.

Cashier: Oh, sure you have! (under her breath) Yeah, like name some of them.

Jason: (winks at me) I, for one, work very hard.

Cashier: Oh, sure! $41 is nothing to you! You should have spent $1,000!

Jason: I am–a little bit at a time.

Cashier: Oh, sure, honey! You just keep spending your riches!

LOL. Jason and I just keep breaking into laughter when we think about our run-in with the cashier. I think she was joking, but I’m not really sure. The funniest thing about the incident was that she somehow managed to draw a line between the cat food we were buying and the fact that rich people don’t have to worry about contaminated cat food. Maybe because they have chefs that cook their cats’ meals? I wasn’t sure how to connect the dots, there.

Also, if you watch SNL, which I do on occasion (usually just the first half hour b/c I have to go to bed), she slightly reminded me of the Target cashier in their Target sketches.

One response to Trip To The Store

  1. Interesting. Being that you work with people constantly, don’t you ever stop and wonder in awe over how different people are? We are all so unique! Now, some of us are more “unique” than others and this cashier sounds like one of those. I had a sub the other day who probably would have fit into the same category as your dearie cashier. Only I can’t go into it because it’d take too long and the point would not get across. Still, both situations make me stop and just realize how special we all are….even if the other people don’t always appreciate it. (I said that last thing for myself! I don’t think my “special”ness is always appreciated! I think people think I’m odd sometimes!!!) 🙂