Tuesday morning musings

September 20, 2005

Well, I made it through First Priority this morning, but I wasn’t sure I would. Middle School hormones were raging! I had a group of 8th grade girls having the most serious discussion about which 8th grade football player is the cutest and a group of 7th grade boys who were worse than the girls as they tried to get Adam to tell them who he liked. Instead of saying hi to me, they said, “Hey, would you tell Adam to tell us who he likes?” At that moment I knew we weren’t going to get very far at First Priority this morning. To their credit, no one giggled during the prayer and then one of the 8th grade girls stayed late to talk to me about some stuff that’s going on in her family, so the morning wasn’t a total wash 🙂

Tomorrow is See You At the Pole. All of the students at our secondary schools are encouraged to go to their school’s flagpole before school to pray. It’s always a really neat event every year and our school administrators are really nice about letting us do it every year. I’ll try to take some pictures if I can remember my camera–which hopefully I will. As I’ve mentioned, I’m the worst at remembering my camera and sometimes even when I remember to bring it, I forget to use it.

On Sunday, someone gave me a book called, “The Book For People Who Do Too Much.” Do you suppose their trying to tell me something? It’s a cute book with cute pictures.

I wish someone would launch our church’s webpage. It’s been in the works for a couple of weeks, but the person who was carrying the ball let it drop or something because I haven’t heard another thing about it. But you can thank that person for this blog that you are reading because I actually started the blog with the plan that we would link it to the church website and that I would begin to write a myriad of wise and enlightening things.

I suppose until then, you’re stuck with this! 🙂