Tuesday Morning

November 1, 2005

Well, I am in the middle of another crazy week! From here until Christmas, I probably will not be a faithful blogger! There’s so much going on. Operation Christmas Child collection week is coming up, we’re planning to spend Thanksgiving in Florida with my sister, Christmas is approaching faster and faster, and our pastor retires on January 8. There’s so much to do!

That being said, I took the day off yesterday. Since it was Halloween, and the downtown does a big Trick or Treat thing from 3-5 on Halloween, we didn’t have after school club (no one was signed up to come). So I just decided to use a vacation day and spent the morning with Jason. We went shopping in the downtown and had lunch together. After lunch, my brother Jeff called from Thailand. He wanted to say hi and get some addresses. It was fun to hear from him. They just chipped in and bought a washing machine for the house where they are staying. Can you imagine washing your clothes by hand? And yet all over the world, people do just that.

We take a lot for granted, right?

Anyway, after lunch, we headed home and hung around the house for awhile. Then we went to Jonas’ class party at 2:00 and then headed back home where we both jumped into cleaning mode and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Of course, he did the windows. 🙂

If I may backtrack, we had a nice weekend. We went to the corn maze and pumpkin patch on Saturday afternoon. Jonas took a friend and they had a good time painting pumpkins, running through the maze, and feeding corn to the ponies and the llama. We raked leaves and jumped in them in our front yard. Jason and Jonas carved jack-o-lanterns and we roasted pumpkin seeds. It was a really nice fall weekend.

Today I’m back at work and Jason’s running errands. He also went to All Saints Day mass with Jonas this morning at school. I think I’ll run home for lunch.

I hope you all are having a nice Tuesday out there in Blog land!