Tuesday Rambling

August 12, 2008

So, school started and so far, we’re making it. The child who was so excited about school starting quickly changed his mind when he brought a backpack full of books and homework home. But he got an “A” on his first math quiz and he seems to be handling everything so far.

I started after school club yesterday afternoon. For the first day, we only had six of the 13 children signed up. This was a good thing because my brand new after school assistant neglected to show up for work. Other than the slight chaos during homework time (three had homework, three didn’t), and the fact that the two boys who came kept turning any available toys into guns (legos, barbie dolls, the marble run, orange cones from the ball cart and finally, their fingers) the first day went really well.

Jonas begged us from the first day of school to let him sign up for the youth football league. We lectured him over and over again about how if he signed up, homework came first. If he didn’t get his homework done (because he hates to do homework and often makes it a lengthy, miserable experience), he wouldn’t get to play. He promised and wheeled and dealed until finally, last night, Jason took him to sign up (pay the $70) and to attend a clinic. Jason said he did really well at the clinic.

Last night as Jason was tucking Jonas in, the child said, “Daddy, I don’t know if I want to play football anymore.” UGH. That’s typical Jonas–he wants something until he gets it and then he doesn’t want it anymore. But it’s only 8 weeks (and it’s already paid for), so unless he’s miserable or won’t do his homework, he’s going to play.

I gave blood at the church blood drive yesterday. That’s big news if you’ve ever heard my high school blood drive story. It was the second time trying and the first time I actually went through with it. The volunteer that always brings the posters to the church about the blood drive shamed me into it. Also, in the eight years I’ve worked here, I’ve never not felt guilty about not giving blood at the church blood drive (we have one every other month).

And of course, it’s not as easy as they make it sound. Apparently, I’m a “fast clotter,” and they didn’t move quickly enough to get the necessary test tubes for all the testing they have to do. So they had to stick my other arm. It was awful.

Well, maybe not AWFUL. But I didn’t enjoy it.

Yes, persuasive volunteer, I guess I’ll do it again some time. But luckily now that I’ve done it, I don’t have to feel guilty until October 6.

3 responses to Tuesday Rambling

  1. Oh DON’T get me started on blood drive horror stories. I have more than one. They are offering 250 dollars for plasma right now. I can’t give blood any more, but even if I could 250 dollars still wouldn’t be enough to motivate me to give. You are a better woman that me.

    I hope Jonas sticks with football. I know homework is important, but in my opinion extracurricular activities are just as important. I always think maybe my child wants to be an athlete and not a lawyer. That is fine with me. In fact someone from East Noble is joining the Olympic team. You may not agree that these extra activities are as important as studies. But, like I said I am a huge supporter of finding what the kid is good at and supporting them.

  2. Tamara, I am definitely with you on that, but the reality is, he has to pass fourth grade–there’s no way out. We live in a society where schools are getting better at recognizing the multiple intelligences of kids, but they still have to pass the tests and do the homework.

    It’s obvious to us that Jonas excels in active, hands on, outdoor activities, but not so much in worksheets and textbooks. He’s a natural athlete, although this is the first time he’s really wanted to play a team sport. He tried baseball in second grade, but his heart wasn’t in it. When he’s 10, he wants to try fencing, at which we think he will be great!

  3. I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.