Tuesday Ten: About June

Ten things about the month we just finished:

1. I learned how to put vinyl siding on a house. Most important: don’t hammer the nails all the way in. Second most important: Don’t mess up a bottom piece and not discover it until you’re about to put nails in the top piece…

2. VBS was a bit of a blur, but it was a great week. I love our ecumenical VBS plan!

3. I was challenged and stretched more than usual on our second mission trip (which was supposed to be the “easy” one). God causes me to grow in the most uncomfortable ways sometimes.

4. There’s construction in I40 E and W in Arkansas. You’ll be sitting there for awhile once you hit it.

5. I grew a bit more in being able to use my voice and speak up for the sake of everyone when needed.

6. It was amazing to serve a Presbyterian Disaster Assistance ministry headed up by a primarily African American Presbyterian Church in a city with as rich and tragic of a history as Birmingham. Cassandra and her team are doing amazing things there.

7. People have weird eating habits: potato chips in mustard; potato chips crushed and mixed into blueberry yogurt; ham, mustard, cheese, turkey, peanut butter, honey sandwiches; disgust over peanut butter and bread being eaten together; several other things that were gross at the time but I’ve managed to block out of my mind.

8. Our pastor can take the sliding door on the side of the church van apart. And then eventually put it back together successfully.

9. Our church sent all females on mission trips this summer. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but it’s how it was in the end. Anyone who tells you that women are not called to lead and preach and minister hasn’t been around enough women. These young ladies are answering God’s call daily, on and off the short-term mission field.

10. God always does a new thing, no matter how many times I do the same things (VBS, mission trips, etc.).