Tuesday Ten: Favorite Mission Trip Pictures

I was falling asleep last night and I realized: I don’t have a Tuesday Ten! Seemed a bit tragic. Here it is–better late than never.

Dawg, the senior member of our mission team and the grandfather of one of Henderson's high school students, was a wonderful addition to our group. He served whole-heartedly, lovingly transported students, led a work crew and packed and unpacked this vehicle several times.
It's basically a rite of passage to let an adventurous member of the group conquer the church van on the return trip. This is Alison and this picture sums up almost everything I love about Alison.
Before we left New Orleans, we visited the French Quarter. This street musician played "My Old Kentucky Home" for us and then led our students in "This Little Light of Mine." It was one of those magical moments of serendipity.
We spent one night at Christ Presbyterian Church in Daphne, AL. They are a small church with a big heart. Not only did they provide a fantastic assortment of snacks and drinks, they arrived one by one carrying breakfast the next morning and fed us a wonderful buffet.
The six Henderson Girls watching the circus literally come to town (in the French Quarter)
We did a prayer drive through New Orleans and the Lower Ninth Ward. At the site of one of the levee breaches, we got out and prayed for those affected still by Hurricane Katrina.
Troy Peloquin was a fantastic volunteer coordinator at Rabouin High School in downtown New Orleans. Our students learned a lot about service and love for a community from him.
To commission our team for service, we anointed and blessed their hands, praying that each hand would find opportunities to serve.
I took this picture with my new camera on the highest power zoom about 20 feet in the water from the shore in Biloxi. The water is so shallow for so long, our kids spent the entire time too far from shore to even see them without the benefit of technology.
The entire Kentucky Group in front of Grace Lutheran Church, our home in New Orleans for 5 days.

There area  lot of pictures that did not fit in this post–lots of work pictures at the various sites…pictures from our Swamp Tour…pictures of travel…pictures of new friends and loved ones.  It was an incredible week!