Tuesday Ten: Favorite Things

January 28, 2013

Ten favorite things right now:

sockmonkey1. My new hat.

2. Avon’s Mark. Lemon Sugar hand cream

3. Plain Jane Lattes (ht to Nibby for the vocabulary)

4. Extra brand sugarless gum

5. Naps

6. The sit-com “Wings” (Y’all remember that show? So fun.)

7. This joke: “I’m addicted to brake fluid. But it’s okay–I can stop any time.” (ht to Ty Rideout)

8. Fuzzy socks

9. Sparkpeople.com

10. DrawSomething

2 responses to Tuesday Ten: Favorite Things

  1. Wings is the first show I remember watching. I loved it! Until Lowell left, then it wasn’t so funny.

  2. I actually forgot that Lowell left (until I watched it again on Netflix). That was a really strange episode.