Tuesday Ten: Food

Ten dishes or recipes i can make. Feel free to request one when you come visit us for dinner!

1. Lasagna. I’ve been working hard to perfect this simple, calorie-filled, delicious recipe.

2. Bacon Cheese Pepper Poppers.

3. Frozen Fruit Smoothies.

4. BBQ Stuffed Chicken Breasts.

5. . Almost Better Than Sex Cake. (Or Robert Redford Cake.)

6. Breakfast casseroles. My current favorite is a really easy recipe given to me by a Girl Scout leader friend. Sausage and cream cheese and crescent rolls-any way you can combine those will be great!

7. Enchiladas. Chicken or beef.

8. Baked chicken of various varieties.

9. Lemon Bars. Click the link for the easiest recipe ever!

10. Berry Almond Chicken Salad.