Tuesday Ten: Friends to Have

December 2012 427Ten friends you should have:

1. A friend who does the same kind of work that you do.

2. A friend who is not related to or connected to your job and has no idea how to do the work you do.

3. A friend who knows about a topic you find confusing (like technology) and is patient to answer your questions about it.

4. A friend who is doing something with his/her life that inspires you.

5. A friend who always tells you that you can do it.

6. A friend who is willing to be honest with you when you actually cannot do it.

7. A friend who has known you for a very long time.

8. A new friend that hasn’t already heard all of your stories.

9. A friend who will sit in silence when you just need someone to be there.

10. A friend who challenges you to be better and try harder.

What friend would you add to this list?

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