Tuesday Ten: Gifts I Keep In My Office

iphone dump] 129All right. I may be sitting in my office while I’m thinking up this Tuesday Ten. Here are ten items that I keep in my office that were gifts (in no particular order).

1. A Zumba bracelet from one of my instructors.

2. Various sock monkey gifts from my husband.

3. A “Have Faith” canvas from new college freshman, BJ Mosley.

4. A print that was a gift from RKP.

5. A perpetual calendar my friend, June, gave me for my birthday one year.

6. A Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green coffee mug that was a gift from David Muffett, Youth Director to the Stars in Bowling Green, KY

7. A beautiful hand drawn print of a clown from Whitney.

8. A nativity snow globe that plays “O Little Town Of Bethlehem” that was a gift from my friend, Elaine.

9. A bag embroidered with “Miss Becky” that was a gift from the nursery children and parents.

10. My “Book Of Common Worship, Pastoral Edition” that was a gift from my congregation when I completed my lay pastor diploma.