Tuesday Ten: Google Search Terms

WordPress allows me to see how people search to find my blog. I take great delight in some of the words/phrases that lead people over here to my little corner of cyberspace. Here are ten search terms that make me laugh. (Bonus points if you can actually remember the entries that caused these phrases to become searchable and lead to my blog!)

1. “severed arm”

2. “scrapbooking dolphin”

3. “and you try not to smile on a boat”

4. “how to survive falling through a floor”

5. “girl riding water buffalo”

6. “tacky yard nativities”

7. “becky durham scarred as a child”

8. “rebecca durham escort” (ha!)

9. “smashin the baby bumblebee”

10. “husband won’t spend money on wife” (*coughcoughJasoncough*)

One thought on “Tuesday Ten: Google Search Terms”

  1. The “severed arm” thing I may have something to do with! (That sounds horrible!) The rest….well,my guess is you had help with those, too. On FB there is an app in which you can see the words you use the most. Says alot about a body! These searches of your’s, although hilarious out of context, say alot about the you we all know. You’re fantastic!

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