Tuesday Ten: House Things

Ten things about our new home. And yes, I’m cutting it close today. Honestly, in all the activity, I kind of sort of forgot it was Tuesday!

1. My closet! It’s big! I love it!

2. It’s in a neighborhood that has a lot of families and a lot of kids of all ages. Jonas hasn’t spent much time here, but we know that he will have friends nearby. One of his better friends lives just a little bit down the road behind our house.

3. There is a fireplace! 

4. The ceilings are high. Which also scares me a little bit because that’s a lot of wall to decorate.

5. Sam loves the living room 

6. And the back yard

7. It is in Jonas’ school district, which means he can ride a bus to and from school! Jason–sometimes me–has driven him to school every day for the last 9 years. It’s going to be weird to get him up and ready in the morning and then sit back and drink coffee in our pajamas while he rides off to school.

8. Jonas’ room is a really nice blue that he picked out himself (good job, kid!)

9. The garage is really big and will probably hold both of our vehicles. And I think Jason’s determined to make that happen.

10. The kitchen is going to be a really fun place to cook and entertain

We have a long way to go before the house is “finished” (although, I’ve owned a house before and I learned then that it’s never REALLY finished, but you know what I mean). We love the house and are so grateful that we’re able to live in it!