Tuesday Ten: Least Favorite Chores

'Laundry drying' photo (c) 2007, T.M.O.F. - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/Ten Chores I really don’t enjoy:

1. Vacuuming

2. Windows (it’s okay–I have someone who does this.)

3. Cleaning toilets

4. Mowing the lawn (I’ve never actually done this, but I’m guessing)

5. Removing anything from carpet (I’ve tackled wax, paint–hello middle schoolers!–, bodily fluids, ink, grape juice…)

6. Changing the sheets

7. Cleaning up after Sam (the dog)

8. Cleaning up after Jonas (the 12 year-old boy)

9. Ironing

10. Cleaning up vomit

(For what it’s worth, I don’t mind doing dishes, sweeping with a broom, dusting, cleaning counters or folding laundry.)

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Ten: Least Favorite Chores”

  1. If only we lived closer to one another I’d suggest we swap chores. I loathe folding laundry but I quite enjoy vacuuming, toilets actually don’t bother me at all but dishes are often ignored because I simply do not like doing them (even with a dishwasher!), I love changing sheets (not so much the act but it is well worth is because I loves me some nice, fresh sheets!) but you can keep the dusting (it ALWAYS gives me an allergy headache!). *sigh* Yes, if only we lived closer it would completely practical for us to partially clean one another’s home on a regular basis. 😉

  2. Oh, dishes and laundry are never ending chores, so I understand why they are so unlikeable. I decided a long time ago that since they would always be there to do, I may as well try to enjoy doing them. It worked!

    Yes, if only we lived closer! 🙂

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