Tuesday Ten: Non-Work Activities I Enjoy

Katie loves glitter. Glitter is not relaxing.

A question that has become important to me: What are  the things I do because I really enjoy doing them? Here are ten non-work activities that I do because I enjoy them.

1. Be a big sister. My “little sister” Katie has become part of my family. I enjoy spending time with her and doing things with her. S/O–It’s her birthday on Friday!

2. Write about stuff.

3. Listen to music.

4. Share fun movies or tv shows with family.

5. Participate in Toastmasters. Really, how much I’m enjoying being part of this club is a bigger surprise to me than to anyone. I love it.

6. Work with Girl Scouts USA. This leadership organization for girls and young women is an important part of our culture as a nation and it’s very important for girls today.

7. Meeting friends for coffee or lunch.

8. Preparing meals for my family or guests.

9. Lying in my hammock (I miss you summer weather!). This is also fun because Sam loves to be outside so he usually joins me.

10. Zumba!

What are the things you do because you really enjoy doing them?