Tuesday Ten: People to Thank

thank yousIt’s Thanks Week during Lent (Don’t panic if you didn’t know.  I made that up.) and I’m writing 7 thank you notes each day, Being thankful will cause you to be happier and more satisfied with your life. Writing thank you notes will brighten the days of people you love or people who have gone above and beyond, but weren’t really expecting any thanks.

Here are ten people you can go out of your way to thank this week! I recommend notes, but an email or phone call or text or face to face will work, too.

1. A teacher who made an impact in your life or is making an impact in the lives of your children.

2. A coach, scout leader or mentor to your or your children.

3. A young person who volunteers in your community.

4. Your pastor, youth minister, or any member of your church staff.

5. A friend who gave you a gift.

6. Someone in the healthcare field who went above and beyond for you or a loved one.

7. A person who loves you and is important in your life, but you never think to thank him or her (like a spouse or a parent).

8. A person who has made a difference in your life or the life of one of your children.

9. A co-worker (or in my case church member) who helped you do your job or filled in for you while you were away.

10. God (as in a written prayer of thanks).